Ayurvedic Treatment

“When you go to have a massage therapy, it is important to go to an Ayurvedic doctor, because they are well educated in this field”
This statement was addressed by Dr. DON WASANTHA KARASINGHE ARACHCHI of the Rockwood Villa & ayurvedic wellness center. He is a well experienced doctor in his profession, having worked for 20 years in the field of Ayurvedic treatment. Apart from his education in Ayurvedic treatment he has also been qualified for Pancha Karma treatment and Ayurvedic body massage. Besides has worked in overseas Ayurvedic hospitals for a long period.
However, it is not Dr. DON WASANTHA KARASINGHE ARCHCHCI who has been qualified, but his entire executive staff consists of qualified and well trained Ayurvedic therapists.
The Rockwood Villa & ayurvedic wellness center is situated in mahawali housing complex kundasale,kandy in sri-lanka. The staff is very friendly and ensures you of a good and professional treatment to be happy with.
The following kinds of treatments are being offered by the Rockwood Villa & ayurvedic wellness center.
Dr. Wasantha – Ayurvedic Doctor +94 729 751 284

Ayurvedic massage therapy treatment
Head massage therapy
Full body massage therapy
Full body massage therapy with stem bath
Shoulder massage therapy
Back massage therapy
Foot massage therapy
Pancha Karma treatment
Nasya karma
Vamana karma
Vasti treatment

Special Ayurvedic Treatment
High potential treatment
Obesity treatment
Migraine treatment
Gastritis (amla pitta) treatment
Bronchial asthma treatment
High cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) treatment
Diabetes treatment
Impotence treatment
Menstrual problems treatment
paralysis agitans treatment

Ayurvedic herbal oils-
Essence and goodness of herbs is absorbed in oils to make Ayurvedic herbal oils. Sesame oil, coconut oil, castor oil OR combinations of such oils are used as base oils. Herbs are made into juice, paste, decoctions and are mixed into the oils. This mixture along with some whole herbs is boiled on a low flame for hours and hours so that the water part is evaporated, and the oil takes all properties of herbs. The oil is then filtered carefully and stored.
Ayurvedic oils stay stable much longer then the basic oils. They become more effective due to herbs in them. They get absorbed in the skin better. Their penetration and absorption power are more in comparison with basic oils.
Ayurvedic oils are used for internal and external usage. They are used externally for various treatments like massage, as nasal drops, enema (Basti), Pinda swedana (herbal ball massage), Shirodhara (oil drip on head) and Pizzichil (Pouring oil all over body), etc